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Mensagem  Warrior-Alemán em 15/12/2010, 23:31

I'm sorry but i don't speak or write any word in portuguese. Embarassed
My name is Harry an i'm from germany (alemánia?) Idea
I've seen a video on youtube from a warrior-meeting 2010 in Portugal. Mesa
One of the guys in that video was wearing a shirt from your Moto Clube. Exclamation
I'm a member of the european warriors and we would like to have contact to these guys from that video.
Perhaps it would be possible to meet? Grouphug
We would really appreciate if the guy from the video could help us to find these other guys. Laughing
Due to the fact that most of us are from germany the biggest part of the page is in german. Question
But for our foreign friends there ist an english speaking area too! Shocked

[url=european warrios][/url]

[url=warrior video][/url]

Feliz Natal!

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Data de inscrição : 15/12/2010

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